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the common history of every revolt of the Have-
nots since history began. Russia in the shadows
displayed an immense inefficiency and sank
slowly to Russia in the dark. Its galaxy of In-
competent foremen, managers, organisers and
so forth, developed the most complicated system
of self-protection against criticism, they sabotaged
one another, they intrigued against one another.
You can read the quintessence of the thing in
Littlepage's In Search of Soviet Gold. And like
every other Have-not revolt since the dawn of
history, hero worship took possession of the
insurgent masses. The inevitable Champion
appeared. They escape from the Czar and in
twenty years they are worshipping Stalin, origin-
ally a fairly honest, unoriginal, ambitious revolu-
tionary, driven to self-defensive cruelty and
inflated by flattery to his present quasi-divine
autocracy. The cycle completes itself and w6
see that like every other merely insurrectionary
revolution, nothing has changed ; a lot of people
have been liquidated and a lot of other people
have replaced them and Russia seems returning
back to the point at which it started, to a patriotic
absolutism of doubtful efficiency and vague,
incalculable aims. Stalin, I believe, is honest and
benevolent in intention, he believes In collectivism
simply and plainly, he is still under the impression